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Whether you're filing for divorce or adopting a child, life can be filled with unexpected moments. Experienced family law attorney Margaret M. Priesmeyer-Masinter is well-equipped to help you with any legal matters your family may come across, no matter where you are in life. She offers case consultations so you can better understand how her legal knowledge and skills can help your journey efficiently move forward in a new direction.

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Margaret M. Priesmeyer


Attorney at Law

Margaret prides herself on being a useful resource for the people that come to her for help. She has always been one to root for the underdogs, especially if they don't have the resources to do it themselves without involving an attorney. From couples adopting a new member of the family to family members in need of estate planning and probate representation, there are times in one's life that are challenging — financially and emotionally. Call Margaret today to let her know how she can help you with your legal matters. Her small firm ensures you will be given one-on-one attention from beginning to end.


An Attorney That's There for You, Always

Communicative Collaboration

Some attorneys often take the reigns and don't have any contact with you until absolutely necessary. They think that just because they have a degree whatever decisions they make on your behalf are the best decisions. With Margaret as your attorney, you can expect open, honest communication so you can have confidence that you are given the most accurate treatment for your given situation.

Where Compassion Meets Quality

Because Margaret is constantly in contact with you throughout your time together, she builds a genuine connection and treats your case as if a member of her own family was in your situation. As a result, the goals you are trying to accomplish by going to an attorney will have a greater chance at success because the more she knows about you, the more accurate guidance or decisions she can make.


Small Firm Mission, Long-Term Vision

When it comes to finding an attorney that will truly work for you, and not your invoice, smaller firms are the way to go. Because larger firms employ so many people, they have to charge more to keep a roof over everyone's head. When you meet with them, you may end up communicating with several different people even though you're only working with one attorney.

Margaret decided to change that by leaving her large firm and starting one of her own in San Antonio, Texas. She will provide you with her full attention, no paralegals or assistants necessary. As an adoption attorney, she's given clients the opportunity of parenthood by guiding them through the legal process of adoption — a process that can often be confusing and overwhelming.

Margaret's other practice areas include estate planning, such as writing wills and trusts and probate. Probate is the process of distributing someone's assets once they have passed. Writing a will before you pass will decrease your chances of probate, but it is still possible. Working with an estate planning and probate attorney will help you and your loved ones distribute the assets in the way you intended them to be.

You can turn to the Law Office of Margaret M. Priesmeyer-Masinter if you're in need of a family law attorney, estate planning attorney, or divorce attorney. Call her office in San Antonio, Texas, today to schedule a case evaluation so you can begin the next chapter in your life.