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Family Law Attorney in San Antonio, Texas

Families grappling with divorce and related family law challenges find an advocate in the Law Office of Margaret M. Priesmeyer-Masinter.  

Margaret is recognized as a leader in family law. She's imparted her knowledge on divorce and family law at the Women's Empowerment Series of seminars in 2004 and 2005. With over 20 years of experience, Margaret is well-equipped to handle even the most complex family law matters.  

Contact the office today for skilled legal advice concerning family law issues. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Margaret offers representation throughout Boerne County and the surrounding areas in all facets of family law, including: 

  • Adoption 

  • Pre-marital and post-marital agreements 

  • Name changes for adults or children 

  • Divorce 

  • Military divorce 

  • Child support and spousal support enforcement and modification 

  • Custody and visitation enforcement and modification 

  • Geographic restrictions 

  • Paternity 

  • Termination of parental rights 

  • Post-decree enforcement and clarification 

  • Out-of-state child support and spousal support enforcement and modification 

Margaret's Approach

The Law Office of Margaret M. Priesmeyer-Masinter acknowledges the impact of family law issues, particularly divorce and adoption, on emotional and financial well-being and aims strategies at easing these pressures.  

A passionate family law attorney, Margaret prioritizes the well-being of children and the pursuit of peaceful resolutions to reduce conflict. Her blended approach of compassion and experience-backed strategies has proven to be effective for many San Antonio clients. If you're ready to discuss your legal rights and options, contact Margaret today. 

Empathetic Approach, Effective Solutions


Adoption is a legal process that creates a permanent family bond between a child and their adoptive parents. Margaret and her team guide clients through every phase of the adoption process with compassionate and knowledgeable support. 

Whether it's navigating the documentation requirements, understanding the legal implications, or representing clients in court, Margaret aims to ensure that the path to adoption is as smooth as possible. 

Pre-Marital and Post-Marital Agreements 

Pre-marital and post-marital agreements are essential tools for protecting assets and establishing financial expectations in a marriage. Margaret provides couples with clear, comprehensive advice on the drafting and enforcement of these agreements. With her support, couples can create agreements that safeguard their financial future while respecting the marital relationship. 

Name Changes for Adults or Children 

The process of legally changing a name, whether for an adult or a child, involves navigating court procedures and documentation. Margaret assists clients in understanding the legal requirements and implications of a name change, ensuring a seamless transition in official records and personal identification documents. 


Divorce can be one of the most challenging life events, even if the decision to dissolve your marriage is mutual. Margaret's approach to divorce is anchored in seeking amicable resolutions that minimize conflict and promote the well-being of all involved, especially children. When litigation becomes necessary, Margaret fiercely protects her client's rights and interests. 

Military Divorce 

Military divorce entails unique challenges, including dealing with military pensions, benefits, and custody issues across jurisdictions. Margaret has significant experience in handling the intricacies of military divorce, providing dedicated support to ensure that her clients receive fair treatment and consideration under the law. 

Child Support and Spousal Support Enforcement and Modification 

Changing financial circumstances may necessitate the modification of child support and spousal support orders. Margaret offers knowledgeable assistance in filing for modifications and enforcing existing orders, ensuring that financial responsibilities are fair and reflective of current situations. 

Custody and Visitation Enforcement and Modification 

Changes in family dynamics and situations can lead to the need for modifications in custody and visitation arrangements. Margaret works diligently to represent her clients' interests in securing modifications that serve the best interests of the children while respecting parental rights. 

Geographic Restrictions 

Geographic restrictions in custody arrangements can become contentious, particularly if a parent wishes to relocate. Margaret will advocate for solutions that prioritize your children's well-being while balancing parental rights. 


Establishing paternity is crucial for determining parental rights, custody, and support. Margaret provides sensitive and assertive legal representation for clients seeking to establish or challenge paternity, ensuring that the legal process is transparent and fair. 

Termination of Parental Rights 

The termination of parental rights is a serious legal matter with lasting consequences. Margaret approaches these cases with the utmost care and professionalism, offering her clients steadfast support whether they are seeking to protect their rights or asserting that termination is in the child's best interests. 

Post-Decree Enforcement and Clarification 

After a divorce decree is issued, issues may arise requiring enforcement or clarification of the terms. Margaret provides effective legal assistance in enforcing decree provisions and seeking clarifications, ensuring that post-decree matters are resolved in accordance with the original intentions of the parties and the court. 

Out-of-State Child Support and Spousal Support Enforcement and Modification 

Dealing with child and spousal support across state lines adds a layer of complexity. Margaret leverages her expertise in interstate support issues to ensure that support orders are properly enforced or modified, regardless of where the parties reside. 

Choosing a Legal Representative

The importance of selecting an experienced and compassionate family law attorney cannot be overstated. It's key to choose someone who not only understands the legal layers of your case, but also appreciates the emotional toll these matters can take.  

Look for a lawyer with a proven track record in handling similar cases and who demonstrates a commitment to communication and transparency throughout the process. It's also valuable to seek an attorney who is willing to explore alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, to avoid unnecessary litigation when possible. 

Before your initial consultation, prepare a list of questions that will help you gauge the attorney's fit for your case. These questions might include: 

  1. How long have you practiced family law, and what percentage of your practice is dedicated to this area? 

  1. Have you handled cases like mine? What were the outcomes? 

  1. How do you approach cases like mine? What strategy do you recommend? 

  1. What is your communication policy? How often can I expect updates on my case? 

  1. Can you provide an estimate of the total cost for my case? How are your fees structured? 

  1. What is your philosophy regarding negotiating settlements versus going to court? 

  1. Who in your office will work on my case, and how are tasks delegated? 

By carefully selecting your legal representative and preparing for your initial consultation, you set the stage for a more informed and effective partnership in addressing your family law needs.

San Antonio Family Law Attorney  

The Law Office of Margaret M. Priesmeyer-Masinter offers reliable legal services to clients throughout New Braunfels, Seguin, San Marcos, Hondo, and Bernie. Margaret encourages anyone seeking a legal team dedicated to a family's best interests to reach out to her as soon as possible. Contact her office today to schedule a consultation and get started on finding solutions that preserve your rights and protect your family's future.