Protecting You In A Contested Divorce

A contested divorce refers to a proceeding where the parties dispute at least one or more of the material issues, thus requiring a decision from the court. The disagreements may involve various family law issues, such as division of the marital assets, community debt, child custody or visitation (referred to as conservatorship and possession and access), spousal or child support, or possession of property during the divorce proceeding. Regardless of the obstacles, we work hard to protect you.

Utilizing Civil Discovery To Your Advantage

We utilize civil discovery in a contested divorce to obtain relevant information regarding the assets in the marital estate and issues pertaining to the needs of minor children. We have the experience to maximize results during this discovery phase with depositions, subpoenas, written interrogatories, and requests for production, and other discovery tools.

Obtaining A Complete Financial Picture Of The Marital Estate

Discovery permits a forensic accounting of the assets acquired during your marriage. The standing orders of the court freeze the assets of the marital estate during the divorce, save for normal and usual expenses. That paves the way for us to get to work. We may even request bank records from several years ago.

Promoting Your Rights As A Parent

Discovery also permits evaluations of minor children by a child psychiatrist. This information may prove useful in resolving disputes involving conservatorship or possession and access. The presumption in Texas is for joint managing conservators, as courts recognize the value that both parents can provide to a child. Yet we an seek to overcome this presumption by demonstrating that a child's best interest would be better served by a different arrangement.

Protecting You From Domestic Abuse

Finally, it may sometimes be necessary for us to act quickly in a contested divorce, even before the discovery phase has opened. If your spouse stops paying his or her share of the bills or child care expenses after your divorce filing, we may seek temporary relief from the court. If you need protection from domestic abuse, we would also seek a temporary restraining order from the court.

Seek Experienced Legal Advice For Your Contested Divorce

A contested divorce may take unexpected turns. To avoid a misstep, you need an experienced attorney to protect you. We have that experience. Contact us online or call (210) 536-0555 to schedule a consultation at our San Antonio office.