Working Together In Your Divorce

Even after over 26 years of experience in family law, we have found that no two divorces are the same. From property division to issues involving children, there are simply too many variables to apply a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our starting point is always compassion for your family and an openness to collaboration. In an uncontested divorce, you may be able to negotiate many of the material issues. Every marital estate contains a unique combination of assets to be inventoried and divided equally, pursuant to community property principles. If children are involved, conservatorship and periods of possession must be determined in accordance with each parent's unique preferences and scheduling constraints. We have the experience to guide you through all of these issues.

Providing The Advocacy That Meets Your Needs

We will guide you through these informal negotiations, ensuring that your legal rights are protected and reminding you of commonly overlooked issues, such as retirement assets pursuant to a qualified domestic relations order. If opposing counsel cooperates, we can even agree to limit the discovery period. If you are able to reach an agreement on one or more issues, we will present those in a proposed settlement agreement to the court.

Offering Compassion And Experience

Our bottom line is finding an advocacy style and legal strategy that best suits your particular needs. Cooperation can often save you time, money, and minimize additional emotional stress. Although the recent trend of collaborative divorce emphasizes these values, we have informally adopted this compassionate, yet practical approach for years. However, our experience also equips us to deftly maneuver through the obstacles posed by a contested divorce. If aggressive divorce litigation is required, we know how to build a tough case for court.

Contact An Experienced Divorce Attorney

Our bottom line is facilitating trust and open communication. At our first meeting, we will come up with a checklist for your divorce. After we have a sense of the big picture, we will develop the right legal strategy for your needs. To schedule a consultation, call our San Antonio office at (210) 536-0555 or contact us online.